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Whole Wheat flour (Coarse ground Aata) 2kg

Per 2 kg

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Whole Wheat flour (coarse ground aata with full bran content) 

Whole wheat is a healthy grain that is considered to be the primary food grain of many kitchens. It contains fibre, manganese and magnesium. Eating whole wheat has been shown to have multi-dimensional benefits including skin, hair and overall health benefits.



Overall Health Developments: Overall, whole wheat flour has a positive effect on human health. The high fiber content in it helps with digestion related problems as well as selenium which is able to fight free radicals and maintain good heath balance.

Digestion friendly: The fibre content of whole wheat makes it perfect for not just a balanced diet, but also one that aids in digestion. And as such, it should be incorporated into your everyday meal plan.

Zinc Rich: Whole wheat is known to be rich in zinc content, which is an important mineral for skin coming with healing properties. Zinc also helps in the production of oil glands that remove excess oil and maintain a good skin health.

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