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100% Pesticide-Free Palak- Your Daily Dose of Superfood!

Fresh Farm SE believes in believer of Good Agricultural Practises and follows certified agricultural practices to deliver freshest, purest form of fruit and vegetables to you. Our Palak is grown in a completely chemical free environment, grown with 100% natural practice, enriched with its natural goodness of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Iron, Folate and Potassium.

Benefits of Naturally grown, pesticides-free Palak

High in Nutrient Content

Pesticide-free palak contains significantly higher nutrient such as iron, vitamin C and magnesium. It also retains much lower amount of heavy metal such as cadmium, lead and mercury.

High-level of Antioxidants

Pesticide-free spinach have higher levels of antioxidants than regular spinach as they rely on their protective compounds – antioxidants – rather than chemical pesticides. These antioxidants are beneficial to lower the risk of chronic diseases and certain cancers too.

Best for young kids

Our Pesticides-free palak is best for your little one, as they are rich in nutrients and free from any harmful chemical that may cause any infection to them. Delivered straight from farm in its freshest state makes it a go-to-choice of parents.

Favour the Environment

Pesticides used in growing conventional spinach/palak leaves high residue in the land, harming the nutritional quotient of the land in the long run. Whereas, our natural, pesticides and residue free palak is grown with environmentally friendly practice offering sustainability for the agricultural climate and bringing the goodness of earth to you every time.

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