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Honey Ajwain

Per 250 gm

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Ajwain Honey

Ajwain Honey is honey collected from the flowers of the ajwain herb, thus bringing both the benefits of ajwain and honey. It is consumed by all age groups and is known to reduce acid reflux and indigestion.



Helps with digestion: Ajwain is known to be a natural body cleanser helping with the digestion process. The active enzymes present in ajwain boost the digestion process by aiding the release of gastric juices.

Body Detoxifier: Ajwain Honey is not only good for gut health but acts as a detox herb for the liver, bloodstream, and mouth. It keeps the spleen healthy and boosts liver function.

Good for Asthma patients: Ajwain honey is said to balance an aggravated kapha. This helps remove mucus easily and help manage bronchitis and asthma. It can also help relieve congestion and nasal blockage.

Prevents Kidney Stones: Ajwain is said to have antilithiatic properties that lower the risk of kidney stone formation. The antilithiatic protein in Ajwain Honey innates calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate that restrict stone formation in the kidney.

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