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  • Desi Masoor Dal

Desi Masoor Dal

Per 500 gm

Product details

Desi Masoor Small- Taste the goodness of ancient legumes in their purest form! An Antioxidants Powerhouse!

Masoor Dal is one of the most ancient legume crops. It has high nutritional value with protein, fibre and minerals powerfully packed in a low-fat content meal. It is a crucial dietary staple for pregnant women as it is considered to be helpful in fetal development.



Blood Sugar Stabilizer: Masoor Dal is rich in fibre and low on glycaemic index thus slowing the digestion process and protecting blood sugar levels from abrupt or unwanted changes. This prevents amounts of blood absorption of food in the small intestine and thus a perfect dal for diabetic patients.

Anti-Ageing reliever: The Masoor Dal is a powerhouse of antioxidants that can efficiently reduce cell damage, improve the immune system and thereby serve as an effective anti-ageing meal.

Strengthens Bone and Teeth: Masoor dal is a rich source of calcium and magnesium thus an important dietary staple to strengthen bones and teeth. Young kids and ageing people should definitely add masoor dal to their diets to gain maximum benefits.

Cholesterol leveller: The high portion of fibre contains in masoor dal effectively lowers cholesterol in the blood making it leveller. It is also known to increase blood flow in the body and decrease the risk of heart failure.

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