Vegetable basket- Are you making the right choices?

You select groceries for the house and add all the necessary supplies. But when it comes to buying fruits and vegetables online, are your choices healthy?

Or just mindless picks with the recommendation on your last purchase? Think about it! Your vegetable basket defines the health of your family. A little care while choosing your kitchen supplies, especially fruits, vegetables, and spices, can make a big difference to your health and your food taste.

Let’s dig into this blog to know more about what to consider while buying fruits and vegetables.

Big Seller Organic Myth

Big Retailers online are encashing a lot from organic goods; they host an extensive list of organic Produce at exponentially high prices. And that’s not it. They make non-seasonal Produce available around the year at your doorstep. Now, this may seem convenient at the time, but have you thought about its more profound impact? Big Retailers grab on the convenience of doorstep delivery to sell dated frozen Produce, all at these hiked prices. These frozen products are sold in the name of ‘Exotic produce at your doorstep’, slowly removing the concept of ‘Fresh’, ‘Natural’, ‘Local’ from your daily intake. This is a severe lifestyle hazard!   

Experts worldwide are encouraged to eat fresh, naturally grown local Produce. Fresh Produce boosts your health and helps maintain a healthy ecosystem, which is a priority for the present generation considering the intense climate change effects felt all across the globe. Small retailers like Fresh Farmse come into play here; they grow seasonal Produce naturally without any use of chemicals under good agricultural practice. Moreover, they deliver a same-day harvest of this seasonal Produce right at your doorstep at affordable prices, making it a win-win situation for customers and retailers.

 Benefits of Eating Fresh

One should always eat fresh food, not only freshly cooked but freshly harvested is the key to ‘Good Health .’You may be cooking tons of healthy food items but still not feeling the impact on your health. This may be because of the purchase of daily fruits and vegetables. Cooking fresh harvested, locally-sourced Produce adds a whole new dimension to your health and taste. Primarily, they are free from any preservatives. Choosing chemical-free, naturally grown to produce boots the nutritional value of the food item. Eating fresh harvest helps cut down on processed goods and maintain a healthy ecosystem around you. Farmers do not have to store their Produce in cold storage, and you don’t have to rely on frozen goods for your meals. The whole concept of #farmseghartak is hitting young families well in urban settings. As eat freshly harvested Produce is known to bring much higher nutritional value to your diet than any other superfood available on big retailers’ racks. 

Supporting local Farmers #vocalforlocal

 In the world of hashtags, it becomes essential these #tags bring some actual difference. #vocalforlocal is one tag that brings the concept of supporting your local entrepreneurs, sellers, and farmers. Eating ‘California Almonds’ will not bring justice to your local farmer who has grown Anjeer at their farm for sale. The whole concept of understanding your local habitat and pursuing your eating habits according to it makes a more profound impact on your health. Your efforts to purchase consciously not only for your own health but to support local farmers and the environment at the same time. Fresh Farmse is one such online store that makes local, naturally grown produce available quickly at your doorstep in Noida, Delhi, and the NCR region. They thrive on selling same-day harvest to their customers by constantly communicating to them through social media, informing them about their current crop and available stock, and delivering them at ease. 


 While the choices you make may seem small, they can significantly impact your health and the taste of your food. Consider adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your grocery list, and be mindful of your choices when selecting them. With a little bit of care, you can create healthy meals for your family that are delicious and nutritious. What changes will you make to your vegetable basket today?