Orange Marmalade- A taste of English spread In Hot Indian Summer!

A lazy Sunday morning gets a perfect morning treat with a proper English breakfast. Baked beans, eggs, roasted tomatoes, hash browns, toast, and some orange marmalade. Doesn't that sound divine?

Traditional cuisines always got it right. Be it the nutrition, the flavor, or the taste. They knew what worked and what time of the day. The juicy critics orange is perfect for boosting you with your daily dose of Vitamin C. What do you do when oranges are off-season? You eat orange marmalade.

What is Orange Marmalade?

Marmalade is typically used as a sweet condiment for toast, biscuits, scones, croissants, and other baked goods. However, it can also be used as a lovely, fruity addition to cakes or glaze for meats or vegetables in savory applications.

It is commonly confused with orange jam, the only difference being orange Marmalade without the peel. Additional warm winter spices help add just enough bitterness to contrast the sweetness of the orange itself. In addition, Marmalade made from naturally grown oranges comes with natural sugar, requiring minimum khand.

Marmalade vs. Jam

Jam and Marmalade, commonly mixed up, belong to a similar spread family. Jam is a mixture of mashed or puréed fruit and sugar, making a sweet, spreadable condiment. A wide variety of fruit like grape, blackberry, and strawberry is used to make jams. However, Marmalade primarily uses citrus fruit and includes the peel, often chopped into small pieces. Thanks to the peel, it usually has a chunkier texture and sets up nice and thick, similar to a jelly.

Orange Marmalade is the most common and can be found in various flavors. Bitter or Seville marmalade is traditional, but sweet orange marmalade made using Valencia, navel, or similar oranges is equally popular.

Easy Marmalade Recipe

Marmalade is easy to make the recipe. However, the frequent consumption from the dining table makes it difficult to cope with the 'homemade' demand. Buy Orange Marmalade online from Fresh Farmse Orange marmalade; a homemade Marmalade delivered to your doorstep. They are cooked with a special homemade recipe that makes them fresh and divine at all times.

Now, that's for your regular order, but it is always nice to know a recipe or two on your sleeves to show off at a family get-together.

Ingredients for Orange Marmalade are as follows:

Recipe for Orange Marmalade

Now that you are through with an easy marmalade recipe, you might as well learn about its benefits:

Marmalade provides a source of dietary fiber, helping with digestion and relieving constipation-related problems. It's also a source of vitamin A, which promotes the growth and repair of the body’s cells and tissues and helps fight and heal seasonal infections. The added herbs ensure there are plenty of immunity-boosting properties in it as well.

6 exciting things you can do with orange Marmalade

Marmalades are an easy addition to a fancy dining treat. Having it in your cupboard ensures you always have an option to make regular food a bit funkier and tastier. In addition, it comes with health benefits that provide nutrition and immunity, unlike the junk option available readily on the market.

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