How can fresh fruits and veggies bring health benefits to your life?

The availability of fresh produce is a problem. You can get all your groceries delivered right at home, but finding organic fruit and veggies without breaking the bank on expenses every day isn't so easy easy! That's where ordering from big online retailers comes into play - they offer frozen dinners with more pesticides than you could imagine (and not necessarily better quality). 

This might seem a convenient option at the time but it has got serious repercussions. Eating pesticide residue used produce do more damage than good. They reduce half the nutritional benefits of these fruits and vegetables, also, they are extremely harmful to the environment. 

What are the harmful effects of pesticide residue-induced fruits and vegetables?

Home-cooked meals provide health benefits only if the ingredients used are free from pesticides and chemicals. 

On a daily basis, we use multiple items in the kitchen that are exposed to unmeasured pesticide residues and other harmful chemicals that do not wash away with clean water itself. 

In 2018, several studies linked pesticides to adverse health effects such as respiratory problems and reproductive issues. These findings are compelling enough for the World Health Organization (WHO) to consider listing them on their list of hazardous substances! In addition, repeated exposure to pesticide residue can lead to severe diseases like endocrine disorder or neurological damage, eventually resulting in cancer.

This makes it even more important for you to choose your daily kitchen essentials that are free from pesticide residue and are naturally grown with the best possible care. 

How to buy fresh fruits and vegetables?

The old-fashioned fruits and vegetable market would work by bringing fresh produce from nearby farms, selling them to mandis, and then to local vendors. These vendors would bring these products to customers around the city through their carts or in city markets. However, the urban culture has changed massively, with supermarkets taking over the kirana game completely, they are selling fruits and vegetables with cold storage veg stock.

This may sound fancy buying your daily greens in air-conditioned marts but the food value of these products has dropped massively. The idea of Fresh is not fresh anymore. It has become ‘Fresh out of Cold Storage’. 

Is this taking a toll on your health?

A 100%. 

What can be done to change this?

There are local farmers in urban areas like Noida (Fresh farmse link) who do farming the old fashion way, they bring Good Agricultural Practice into play with modern doorstep delivery within their farm reach. 

Your orders are accounted for and harvested to be delivered within a few hours of order. This brings back farm-fresh produce a reality for city dwellers. 

Health benefits of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet brings nutrient content into your body without any delay or loss. Also, having a clean diet rich in natural products bring much more fiber and nutritional value. 

Some of the health benefits are listed below: