About Us

Fresh Farmse has been founded by two professionals who share a common desire to make available safe and fresh farm produce for city dwellers. The role of distribution in this process holds substantial importance and by tackling issues at this level, Fresh Farmse has been able to put in place a compelling win-win proposition.


A bit about the men responsible for incepting Fresh Farmse

Gautam Guha: Co-Founder

With over 20 years of professional experience in the financial services sector, Gautam decided to take the road less travelled…entrepreneurship in the area of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) farming. With hands-on experience in GAP farming and modern farming techniques, and a range of marketing and service experiences under his belt, Gautam manages the marketing function & day-to-day operations of Fresh Farmse.

Taking risks come easy to Gautam. As Swami Vivekananda said on taking risks in life:

If you win, you can lead; If you lose, you can guide.

Sameer Singh: Co-Founder

Sameer is an IT professional with over 15 years of professional IT experience in India and the US. In 2016, Sameer returned from US to manage his late father’s farming business in Meerut. He pioneered protective cultivation in his region and has made it profitable by understanding the importance of a balanced ecology, sustainable development and the inherent importance of food and water security.


Sameer has travelled extensively to learn about and interact with farming communities across western UP. Having understood the multitude of problems, and having witnessed them first hand, the upliftment of farmer welfare has been a key goal for Fresh Farmse and for Sameer personally. At Fresh Farmse, Sameer manages production, IT and supply chain.


Fresh Farmse's offerings are based on the team’s recognition of a few key problems that currently impede potential customer's ability to consume cleaner, healthier produce:

By addressing these pivotal issues, we have been able to create the kind of ecosystem that provides our customers with a reliable product that is affordable and accessible. Simply put, Fresh Farmse is the only way to ensure that you sacrifice neither the quality of your food nor the money in your wallet!